Custodial Accounts

Custodial Assets means, collectively, the (i) Bonds, Securities and Loans delivered to the Custodian by the organization pursuant to the terms of this Agreement for credit to the Custodial Account, and (ii) all Proceeds thereof received by the Custodian and any Eligible Investments related thereto, including any dividends in kind (e.g., non-cash dividends).

Custodial Assets means the cash (on hand or held in bank accounts or money market funds pursuant to or in connection with a Corporate Trust Agreement), funds (including securities repurchase agreements, time deposits and other deposits and other investments in which funds might be invested on a short-term basis), mortgages (together with mortgage collateral), guarantees, tangible and intangible assets, receivables, securities, instruments, UCC financing statements, letters of credit and other property of any type or description (including insurance policies covering principal, premium and interest payments and indemnification in respect of lost, stolen or mutilated securities, property held as collateral or security and letters of credit, notes of obligors, bond insurance policies, securities, derivatives, guaranteed investment contracts, and other credit enhancement documents) held by Dominion or any of its Subsidiaries as agent or fiduciary pursuant to a Corporate Trust Agreement except the following: (A) cash subject to escheatment as of the Closing Date relating to the Corporate Trust Business; and (B) cash to the extent relating to the Corporate Trust Business covering outstanding checks for registered and bearer principal and interest on accounts administered by Dominion.